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Internal basement waterproofing step by step

Check out the basement waterproofing step by step guide below.  The following four steps will help explain the basic process involved when installing a basement waterproofing system.  Alternatively, check out our basement waterproofing video:

basement waterproofing step by step 11. This picture shows a basement cleared before the application of the water management membrane. Even so, dirty water can be seen running down the side walls and pooling in the corner.



basement waterproofing step by step 22. Here the membrane has been applied to the walls. The system is diverting the water to the drains and already the room looks improved.



Basement waterproofing step by step 33. Once the membrane is complete, a choice can be taken as to whether to plaster or plasterboard the walls. In this case plaster has been applied directly to the membrane.



basement waterproofing step by step 44. As you can see, once the area has been plastered, decoration can be applied directly on top. As it happens, this area is used for commercial purposes but the membrane is equally suitable for domestic decoration and use. It's now water and damp proof.



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More information about basement waterproofing

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Basement waterproofing

Basement waterproofing

Visit our basement waterproofing web page and watch our basement waterproofing video 

Basement waterproofing

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Basement waterproofing products

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Basement waterproofing questions

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Basement waterproofing questions

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