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Internal basement waterproofing

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Internal basement waterproofing systems are basement drainage systems that are designed to manage the water coming into your property rather than preventing the water entering using a physical barrier that generally involves a membrane or basement tanking.  Put simply, an internal basement waterproofing system controls and channels water using a combination of modern wall waterproofing systems that act as an umbrella by catching any water entering the basement and directing it to an innovative basement drainage system and eventually to an advanced sump pump system that simply pumps out and removes the water.

Advantages to internal basement waterproofing

An interior basement waterproofing is generally more affordable than other basement waterproofing systems, only takes a couple of days to install and is generally much easier to maintain as there is no need to do any exterior excavation.  Moreover, as the water is managed, there is no risk of hydrostatic pressure building up on the basement or cellar walls due to high ground water levels which inevitably will lead to a failure if traditional basement tanking methods are used, especially in areas where there is a risk of structural movement or vibrations.  

More often than not, interior basement waterproofing systems come with a basement & cellar guarantee or warranty that can offer ‘peace of mind’ to anyone investing in a basement conversion.

Internal basement waterproofing – more information

For more information on internal basement waterproofing, visit our basement waterproofing web page where you can watch a handy video on how an internal basement waterproofing system can be tailored and fitted into a basement or cellar that you may have.

Alternatively, to speak to someone regarding internal basement waterproofing, call 0808 256 4538 or contact us online.

Internal basement waterproofing video

Internal basement waterproofing video

View how an internal basement waterproofing system could fit into your cellar/basement waterproofing or conversion plans.

Basement waterproofing video

Waterguard internal basement waterproofing systems

Water guard drainage system

The WaterGuard drainage channel that is engineered to solve water and basement waterproofing issues within your basement.

Waterguard drainage system

Basement waterproofing systems

Basement waterproofing systems

View the different basement waterproofing systems commonly used today within modern and older buildings for waterproofing a basement or cellar.

Basement waterproofing systems

Speak to a basement waterproofing expert

Understanding the problems underground structures face does not exactly fall into the category of everyday and existing reading.  However, at Wise Basement Systems, we live and breathe cellar and basement waterproofing.  It is our passion and expertise.

If you have a question or would just like to seek some advice towards basement waterproofing, call 0808 256 4538 or contact your local branch and speak to one of our basement waterproofing experts.

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