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Exterior basement waterproofing

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Exterior basement waterproofing is a common method of basement waterproofing when a property is under construction. Whenever exterior basement waterproofing is applied to an existing property is is usually through exterior excavation. To do this you must dig down to the foundations. This creates a large hole around your property and anything that is in the way must be removed which includes pavements, groundwork and landscaping.

After this a large hole needs to be dug into foundations and the dirt excavated must be stored somewhere safely until the work has been completed. When this hole has been excavated a suitable basement waterproofing treatment is applied, either in the form of a membrane or a cementitious render (traditionally known as tanking).

Additionally, to stop the water entering the basement from the exterior, a drain is installed around the bottom of the foundations called a ‘French drain’.

French drains are pipes with holes or slots which are laid around the outside of the footing or bottom of the walls. Crushed stone is placed around the French drain and the soil around the outside of your home is pushed back over the drains. French drains work by collecting the water that seeps through the layer of crushed stone into the drain which is then directed safely away from the basement.

Problems with exterior basement waterproofing

Exterior basement waterproofing

Although exterior basement waterproofing methods have been the norm in property development for a long period of time there are a number of problems associated with it. French drains with inadiquate filters will eventually let mud, sand and sediment into the pipe. Overtime this will clog up and block the drain completely. If the water cannot get through the French drain it will find another way; usually through your basement.

Exterior basement waterproofing systems will also eventually need to be serviced and when it does the entire perimeter of the foundation will have to be excavated. This is obviously a large issue and not one that many homeowners or businesses will want to deal with. 

Modern methods of basement waterproofing

Internal waterproofing

Internal basement waterproofing

Internal basement waterproofing is the modern method on how to waterproof a basement. Instead of attempting to prevent water from entering the basement the water is managed when it gets into the basement leaving it warm and dry.

Internal basement waterproofing

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Our surveyors are highly experienced and qualified to trained to CSSW (Certified Surveyor of Structural Waterproofing) standards. Wise Basement Systems is a proud member of the Property Care Association (PCA) and the Structural Waterproofing Association.

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