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Triple Safe sump pump

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Often referred to as the ‘world's most reliable sump pump’, our Triple Safe sump pump has ‘triple the protection’ with 2 water outlets, 2 pumps handling a massive 6600 gallons per hour to respond to the most challenging problems that home owners experience with basement waterproofing or cellar waterproofing and a battery backup sump pump system. When it comes to sump pumps, our Triple Safe sump pump is the ultimate in the market.

Triple protection with Triple Safe 

With the Triple Safe sump pump, you are protected if:

  • The 1st pump fails, the 2nd pump takes over.
  • The amount of water entering the system become too high, then a more powerful 2nd pump starts - more than doubling pumping capacity.
  • The power goes out, the patented Ultra Sump battery backup sump pump takes over - and it's all automatic!

Triple Safe sump pump - world's best sump pump

The Triple Safe sump pump is designed to protect you from problems that can occur with standard sump pumps.  As well as an alarm to alert your attention to any potential problem that may occur, it also uses a specially designed Ultra Sump battery (not an automobile or marine battery) and pump to backup the primary pump in case of power failure or other pump failure.

Also included with every Triple Safe sump pump system is:

  • Zoeller Sump Pump
  • Sump Pump Alarm
  • Sump Pump Basin
  • Sump Pump Stand
  • Sump Pump Check Valve
  • Ice Guard Discharge Line Protection
  • Basement Floor Drain
  • Sump Pump Cover

Every Wise Basement Systems sump pump liner and its matching sump pump cover forms an airtight bond with a clean-looking finish when installed. These airtight lids also help to quiet the sump pump noise.

Contact us about the Triple Safe sump pump

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More information & other sump pumps

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Super sump pump

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Ultra Sump Pump - battery back-up

Ultra Sump pump

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Triple Safe sump pump guide

Triple Safe sump pump information guide

Download our Super sump pump information guide.

Triple safe sump pump pdf

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