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Super sump pump

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Considered one of the finest sump pumps on the market, our Super sump pump includes the most reliable pump available, a ‘Water Watch’ alarm system, the patented Super Liner with an airtight lid which has proven itself over the years after being installed in many basement waterproofing jobs and used as a replacement for many old fashioned sump pump systems. 

Chosen as the best from among 50 other sump pump models, our Super sump will pump 2220 gallons per hour at an 8-foot discharge head (43gpm) smoothly and quietly. It resists clogging and can pump up to 12mm solids. It will perform reliably for many years and is the most popular sump pump out of our sump pump range.

What is included with the Super sump pump

  • Zoeller Pump - cast-iron sump pump
  • Sump pump basin - sturdy liner for the pumps
  • Water Watch sump pump alarm - sounds off in the event of pump failure
  • Sump pump check valve - prevents backwash of pumped water
  • Clean pump stand - to elevate the pump out of sediment
  • Basement floor drain - air-tight floor drain in sump pump cover
  • Ice Guard discharge line protection - protects discharge line from freezing

The Super sump pump even comes with the added benefit of being designed to house a secondary battery backup sump pump within the same liner in case of power outage or pump failure for whatever reason while the patented airtight sump pump cover keeps out sump pump odour due to moisture in the sump pump basin as well as bugs and radon gas. 

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Super sump pump information guide

Super sump pump information guide

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