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Sump pumps

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Where does the water go in your basement or cellar?  Sump pumps should be the heart of the basement waterproofing system. Without it, your basement or cellar could be in serious trouble despite all the money you have paid to have it waterproofed.

If you do not want your basement or cellar to get flooded, it is wise to consider a basement waterproofing system that incorporates a sump pump as the final mechanism to remover the water from the basement.

Sump pump essential checklist

If you are going to rely on a sump pump (and the most effective basement waterproofing systems and basement conversions do), you want to ensure it is reliable, has a battery backup, and is powerful enough to handle the heaviest rains.

Before selecting your sump pump, make sure you ask these 3 vital questions:

  1. What happens if the sump pump fails?
  2. What happens if the sump pump cannot keep up in a hard, fast rain?
  3. What happens if the power goes out?

For more information on what to consider, visit our compare sump pumps web page to view a video on the essential elements within a sump pump and what you should be looking out for.

Our sump pump range and services

At Wise Basement Systems, we offer three sump pumps to address every home's unique water situation. Click on the sump pump images below to find out or alternatively, for an overview, click to compare sump pumps:

Super sump pump

Super sump pump

Handles 2220 gallons per hour and includes the finest pump available. It resists clogging and can pump up to 12mm of solids. It will perform reliably for many years.

Super sump pump

TripleSafe sump pump

Triple Safe sump pump

The ultimate sump pump handling 6600 gallons per hour.  Often referred to as the 'world's best sump pump system', if you want the ultimate protection, then our Triple Safe sump Pump system is for you...

Triple Safe sump pump

Ultra Sump battery back-up

Ultra Sump battery back-up sump pump

Our pump battery back-up system protecting your home from sump pump failure.

Ultra Sump pump

Compare sump pumps

Compare sump pumps

View a video from our Basement Systems partners in the USA regarding the different sump pumps you can get and what you need to consider.

Compare sump pumps

Contact us for more information about sump pumps

Interested in finding out more about sump pumps?  Contact our Wise Basement Systems team on 0808 256 4538 or click to contact your local branch.

Alternatively, click to contact us online or visit ourbasement waterproofing web page to find out how  a sump pump fits into a basement and cellar waterproofing solution.

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