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Leaking Basement

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Whether your basement is founded on poured concrete , stone or brick - no basement is immune from water leaking through the walls or floor.

As Scotland’s leading structural waterproofing specialists, Wise Basement Systems have the expertise and know how to provide a solution for any issue with leaking basements.

Our trained and experienced surveyors and technicians have dealt with a vast amount of basement waterproofing problems, and we know the distress a leaking basement can cause, whether it be in your home or commercial property.

Our waterproofing solutions can turn a leaky basement into a dry and fit for purpouse space that can be used for almost any function.

What causes leaking basements

Basements can leak for a number of reasons. In a basement with no real waterproofing in place water will eventually make its way into your basement from the surrounding earth. More often than not though, a leaking basement will be the result of a previous waterproofing system that has failed.

Water leaking through tanking

Tanking with a waterproof cement or slurry is a common basement waterproofing solution - and it can be effective. That said, tanking is susceptible to cracks caused by hydrostatic pressure or vibrations in the ground surrounding your basement.

If your property has experienced failed tanking, it may be time to consider a different approach.

Modern solution for leaking basements

Basement drainage systems

Basement drainage systems

Find out more about basement drainage systems such as our patented WaterGuard drainage system to keep your basement warm and dry.

Effective, durable and cost effective - it is the most complete waterproofing solution available.

Basement drainage systems

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