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Waterproof carpet tiles

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Have you ever tried laying carpet on a basement or cellar floor?  If so, you probably found out very quickly that traditional carpeting alone is not an appropriate solution to finish off a basement conversion or basement waterproofing plan. 

Our ThermalDry waterproof carpet tiles are an inorganic waterproof carpet tile that creates an air gap between your basement floor and waterproof carpet tiles to ensure any moisture seeping through your concrete floor will circulate underneath the carpet tile and eventually dry out.  It is the perfect floor waterproofing solution if you want the look and feel of carpet while ensuring the carpet does not become mouldy and damp.  

Easy to install our waterproof carpet tiles

Available in 300*300mm square interlocking tiles, each waterproof carpet tile is a separate, removable tile piece that interlocks with the other tiles around it making it quick and easy to install without the mess.   With the added benefit of being able to easily replace any tiles, it means on the off chance that a part of your new carpeted floor becomes damaged or stained, it is quick, convenient and inexpensive to replace.

Additional benefits of our waterproof carpet tiles

Designed to be long lasting, durable, 100% waterproof and easy to clean, our waterproof carpet tiles will last twice as long as regular carpeting without the need to replace the whole floor.  With the added benefit of the waterproof carpet tiles being designed in neutral colours, you can be sure your basement floor will not go out of style anytime soon.

More information about waterproof carpet tiles

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Other basement floor waterproofing options

If you think our waterproof carpet tiles do not really suit your floor waterproofing needs, check out our other floor waterproofing solutions below:

Waterproof floor tiles

Waterproof floor tiles

Mould resistant finishing tiles. Serves as a moisture barrier and looks fantastic.

Waterproof floor tiles

Waterproof wood flooring

Waterproof wood flooring

Unlike normal wood flooring under damp conditions, our waterproof wood flooring will not warp when wet and look like hardwood flooring!

Waterproof wood flooring

Floor waterproofing guide

Floor waterproofing guide

Download our handy basement floor waterproofing guide for a better overview. 

Floor waterproofing guide

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