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Basement conversion ideas

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Converting your basement to a habitable space is now a very viable and cost effective solution, can add value to your home and provide a whole new living experience for you and your family. Basement or basement areas can be transformed into stunning, welcoming rooms ready to be used as:

A bedroom

Creating an extra bedroom in your property can increase the value dramatically whilst also giving you what could be much needed bedroom for a growing family. Alternatively, having a guestroom which is separate to the rest of the house can be beneficial for friends and relatives who might want some peace and quiet.

A study

As a basement conversion is often going to be a quieter and more secluded area than the rest of the property it could be perfect for a study. Older children who are working towards exams would have a ‘quiet area’ in which they are free from distraction to work or adults who are looking to get some extra work done without the distraction of children and a blaring television.

An office

Converting a basement into a home office could be the perfect scenario for your growing business. Although still part  of the property being able to go the office will mean that your family and children know that you are at work and shouldn’t be disturbed (apart from for cups of tea, of course) unless absolutely necessary. A basement conversion could also have an external entrance meaning that you can have business meetings without having to go through a potentially messy and unprofessional looking home.

A gym

If you have enough space in your basement conversion then a fantastic use of the space is for a gym. Installing gym equipment will save you on an expensive gym membership.

A bathroom

Turning a basement conversion into an extra bathroom is perfect for a family with children who are beginning to grow up and perhaps spend a little more time than strictly necessary admiring their hair before school in the morning.

A wet room

Wet rooms are becoming increasingly popular in properties and are seen as more attractive than a traditional bathroom.

A home cinema

Many people would see this as the ultimate basement conversion idea. Installing a home cinema in your basement would allow you to install a sound system which wouldn’t be too noisy for the neighbours and other parts of your house.

Additional information on basement conversion ideas

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Converting your basement is an investment to your property as not only will you be able to expand your living space you will also increase the value of your property.

Basement conversions

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