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Basement conversion

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Over recent years, having a property with the potential of having a basement conversion has increasingly been seen as a valuable asset.  Given the current property market issues, it is very easy to see the financial reward that can be gained by considering a basement conversion and developing your basement conversion ideas into a new room to fit your lifestyle or commercial requirements.

Consideration for your basement conversion

Before any consideration can be taken towards choosing wallpaper and furniture for your basement conversion, you really need to consider the following points.

Step 1 – Can you have a basement conversion?

Before considering a basement conversion, you need to find out if your basement or underfloor is suitable and draw up plans for your basement conversion.  By organising a basement and cellar survey you will be able to consider your options and basement obstacles.  You can also gain a better insight towards building regulations and what work is really involved to take the basement conversion from plan to reality. 

Step 2 – Preparing your basement conversion

This might mean excavation to improve the height of your basement and making safe the foundations of your property.  It could also mean having to employ modern techniques if you are constructing your basement under a concrete floor rather than a traditional suspended timber floor. This is also the point where considerations for windows and staircases for your basement conversion needs to be prepared.

Step 3 – Ensuring your basement conversion is water tight

The key to any basement conversion is basement waterproofing.  Most basements have some sort of moisture issue. This is where professional and qualified expertise is invaluable.  If the basement waterproofing is not done correctly, water will get into your new basement. You want to consider if you want a traditional or modern basement waterproofing system as well as considerations towards water removal systems, i.e. sump pumps to help lower the pressure from the water table surrounding your basement walls and to channel any water away from the basement.  To find out more visit our webpage on basement waterproofing to watch a handy video.

Step 4 – Finishing your basement conversion

This really depends on what you are going to use your newly converted basement for.   Considerations need to be made towards plumbing and electrical alterations, the basement access and the finished look of your basement which might include waterproof floor tiles or even waterproofing carpet tiles.  If you are stuck for ideas, you can always visit our basement conversion ideas web page

Step 5 – Sit back and enjoy your converted basement

The fun bit.  Relax, put your feet up and unwind.  Your basement conversion project is now complete.

Speak to a basement specialist

A basement conversion is certainly not an easy project.  It is a highly specialised job that can easily go wrong. 

At Wise Basement Systems, we are basement environment specialists.  If you are considering a basement conversion, call our basement team today on 0808 256 4538contact your local branch or click to contact us online using our contact form for help or advice.

Alternatively, click to organise a basement & cellar survey.

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